It is a premium quality valuable furniture tree. Suitable for Walnut Timber and Log Table and Furniture. It is dried and ready to use.


As the world is a tree that grows in natural areas in Turkey. It is grown in many parks and gardens due to its decorative appearance.


The usage areas of the fir timber species, also known as fir, are very wide. It is used in home and construction furniture.


The linden tree, which stands out as a tree species of the Nazenin; Along with its flowers, leaves and bark, it is also evaluated in many different areas in terms of wood.


Chestnut trees are from the thorny tree group. The leaves are slightly spread and the edges are sawed. There are two different types as male and female.


Fraxine tree trunk is cylindrical, grayish black in color, rough on top and branches are grayish brown or brownish black.


Pine, an evergreen and coniferous tree in autumn, is resistant to cold and drought.


Oak tree timber is a type of tree that is very durable. The wood of the oak tree has a very heavy and streaky structure. It is also very hard and textured.


Average life span is up to 400 years. Spruce tree, which has a smooth stem and variegated color, has a more useful and durable feature than fir tree.


The alder, which spreads pure and mixed, is a tree with a brown bark and sparsely branched, which can exceed 20 m in height. It is mostly seen in cool regions and places with moist stream beds.


Ayous wood veneer is generally used in plywood production, sauna construction, butler and picture frames. It is a type of wood used in the production of musical instruments, prostheses and packaging containers.


Iroko wood is indispensable for durable furniture due to its heavy, hard, oily and high density structure. The long-lived iroko tree is highly resistant to natural rot, insects and diseases.


The outer part is gray in color. The inner side varies between yellow, red or brown depending on the type. When it is cut, its color gets darker to a certain extent with the effect of the weather and over time. It is a tightly built, less flexible tree.


Limba has yellowish white and yellow tones. It is a durable tree type and has a solid structure against external factors. It is used in general decoration, door and window joinery, interior and exterior facade, floor covering, furniture production.